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The Syllabus (kinda); or, What You Need to Know to Make Ebooks like a Pro

There are many ways to make ebooks. You can use a graph­i­cal design tool like InDe­sign, code every­thing by hand, or style a Word doc­u­ment and hand off the actu­al con­ver­sion to an auto­mat­ed pro­gram. Or, as I do, you can use mag­ick!1

Regard­less of the process you use, it’s very impor­tant to under­stand what’s going on “behind the scenes.” At some point, you’re even­tu­al­ly going to run into some­thing that isn’t work­ing the way you expect, and you’ll have to learn the hard way by div­ing into a bunch of code that you prob­a­bly won’t understand.

Alter­na­tive­ly, you can take Easy Street and learn how an ebook is built from the ground up. Under­stand­ing how an ebook is put togeth­er will help you tack­le man­u­al fix­es, and the insight into what the design tool is doing under the hood may even save you from hav­ing to dig into the code in the first place.

Over the next few Adven­tures2, we’ll be tak­ing a look at the six essen­tial tech­nolo­gies that go into mak­ing an ebook.

So what are these tech­nolo­gies, and why do you need to know them?

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A MrLasers Ebook Adventure

I’ve received a lot of ques­tions about ebooks in the five years since start­ing The num­ber-one ques­tion has always been “can you make my ebook, and how much will it cost?“1

But a close sec­ond is “how can I make my own ebook?”