Ebook Formatting Services

Whether you’re pub­lish­ing to Kin­dle, NOOK, Smash­words, or even in print, MrLasers can pro­vide the pro­fes­sion­al-qual­i­ty results that your book deserves. Below you will find some of our most pop­u­lar eBook con­ver­sion ser­vices. If you have ques­tions about the con­ver­sion process, or are inter­est­ed in for­mat­ting ser­vices not list­ed here, please con­tact us and we’ll be hap­py to dis­cuss how MrLasers can help you reach the suc­cess­ful com­ple­tion of your book project.


Ama­zon Kin­dle is the dom­i­nant force in the eBook indus­try, by many esti­mates account­ing for as much as 80% of the retail eBook mar­ket. If you are pub­lish­ing a book today you will want to pub­lish it on Kindle.

All Kin­dle books pro­duced by MrLasers are built from the ground up in HTML/XML/CSS, using a com­bi­na­tion of hand­craft­ed code and cus­tom pro­duc­tion tools to ensure opti­mal con­sis­ten­cy in both visu­al and non-visu­al for­mat­ting elements.

Our Kin­dle books are guar­an­teed to be free of the font, col­or, and styling errors that are all too com­mon in Kin­dle books, even those pro­duced by many “pro­fes­sion­al” for­mat­ting com­pa­nies and large pub­lish­ers. All of our Kin­dle eBooks are file­size opti­mized to ensure fast down­load for your read­ers and low deliv­ery fees for you.


The ePub for­mat is the eBook “indus­try stan­dard,” used by the major­i­ty of eBook retail­ers includ­ing Barnes & Noble NOOK, Apple, Kobo, and more. By hav­ing your book cus­tom con­vert­ed to ePub by MrLasers you can avoid the count­less issues that can pop up in the auto­mat­ed con­ver­sions offered by eBook retail­ers and ensure that the book you are upload­ing will be the same as the book your read­ers download.

As with Kin­dle con­ver­sions, each ePub pro­duced by MrLasers is hand­craft­ed using man­u­al for­mat­ting tech­niques and cus­tom-devel­oped for­mat­ting tools. Guar­an­teed to pass the lat­est epub­check val­i­da­tion per­formed by all major ePub retailers!


MrLasers pro­vides top qual­i­ty Word doc­u­ment for­mat­ting for Smash­words. We take the utmost care in adher­ing to Smash­word­s’s for­mat­ting guide­lines to ensure “pre­mi­um cat­a­log” sta­tus for all of our books and max­i­mum con­sis­ten­cy between each of the for­mats into which the “meat­grinder” process will convert.


Print-on-demand (POD) ser­vices such as Kin­dle Direct Pub­lish­ing (for­mer­ly Cre­ate­Space) and Lulu allow you to cheap­ly and eas­i­ly pro­duce print ver­sions of your books. Because these books are only print­ed when a cus­tomer places an order there is no need to pur­chase and store cost­ly inven­to­ry up front, while still allow­ing your read­ers to pur­chase a print­ed copy from major book sell­ers like Ama­zon and Barnes & Noble.

While Cre­ate­Space and Lulu are the two largest POD pub­lish­ing ser­vices, MrLasers can pro­vide print-ready PDF files for near­ly any POD provider.

Prices and ser­vices are sub­ject to change at any time.