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A MrLasers Ebook Adventure

I’ve received a lot of ques­tions about ebooks in the five years since start­ing The num­ber-one ques­tion has always been “can you make my ebook, and how much will it cost?“1

But a close sec­ond is “how can I make my own ebook?”

I don’t believe that there is one the right way to answer this ques­tion, although there are count­less the wrong ways.2 There are prob­a­bly as many com­bi­na­tions of tools, meth­ods, and work­flows for cre­at­ing ebooks as there are peo­ple mak­ing ebooks, pos­si­bly more.

Mak­ing ebooks is just about my favorite top­ic (oth­er than pup­pies; I love pup­pies!), and I’ve been think­ing of writ­ing pub­licly about it for years. Now, at the start of 2017, I feel the time is right to final­ly add my piece to the pan­theon of ebook-for­mat­ting resources.

Over the next sev­er­al weeks and months, I’ll be shar­ing my thoughts on the tools, work­flows, and philoso­phies I employ in my prac­tice, as well as oth­er top­ics of inter­est to those who might be cre­at­ing or pub­lish­ing ebooks.

Wel­come to the Ebook Adventure!

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