Read­ing should be easy and enjoyable—regardless of whether it’s on a Kin­dle, an iPad, or the print­ed page. With so many options for pub­lish­ing, it can be dif­fi­cult to get the for­mat­ting just right on even one of them.

MrLasers deliv­ers the per­son­al­ized, hand­craft­ed ebook for­mat­ting and print lay­out you need to ensure that your book puts its best foot for­ward, every time.

Book Layout & Formatting

Publish anywhere!

Get the right files, with the right for­mat­ting. Your book will look as great as it reads, no mat­ter where you’re pub­lish­ing.

  • Kin­dle
  • iBooks
  • Kobo
  • Nook
  • Smash­words
  • Cre­ate­Space
  • More!

Stand out from the crowd

Include the unique touch­es and spe­cial fea­tures that give your book a dis­tinc­tive look and feel.

  • Cus­tom fonts
  • Drop caps
  • Fixed lay­out children’s books and comics
  • Images that flow nat­u­ral­ly into the text
  • Mul­ti-book boxed sets
  • Poet­ry
  • Recipes

Conversion from any file format

MrLasers can han­dle con­ver­sions from any file for­mat, with no spe­cial set­up or cod­ing required on your part. Use the tools that are right for you; MrLasers will take care of the rest.

Let’s go!

Ready to get your for­mat­ting project start­ed? Get in touch for a per­son­al­ized quote!

Ebook Adventures

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A MrLasers Ebook Adventure

I’ve received a lot of ques­tions about ebooks in the five years since start­ing The num­ber-one ques­tion has always been “can you make my ebook, and how much will it cost?“1 But a close sec­ond is “how can I make my own ebook?”